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/5 on May 9, 2016

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  • The red light on the cooler and charger lets you know it's in the charging mode
  • You can order replacement parts if you need them
  • Excellent party sound quality
  • Great customer support
  • Handle is retractable
  • CONS

  • The buttons on the outside of the cooler are not waterproof. But, it has a cover you can use to protect them from splashes
  • Considering all the features it packs, the device is kind of heavy

    Users have absolutely loved the TUNES2GO-KoolMAX-Cooler-System-Station and all that it can do. It's great for summer parties, tailgating, beach parties, poolside fun, and just about any other leisure or exciting occasion. Some users have also talked about how they plugged their guitars into it. Altogether, the ultimate solution for your party needs.

    The TUNES2GO-KoolMAX-Cooler-System-Station is one retirement gift that could possibly serve as the complete party package. Its 40qt cooler can accommodate 28 bottles or 48 cans of beer or soft drinks. It has a very efficient insulation system that can hold ice in perfect condition for up to 3 days. The surprise part of this package is the music system it includes – a 350 watts maximum output power Bluetooth digital music player. It also has an FM radio with two built-in 6.5″ Hi-Fi speakers that are water resistant along two 2″ high-performance tweeters. Its rechargeable battery gives you power for up to 16 hours and has its own adapter. You could store your tablet or iPhone/Smartphone in its waterproof section, and also use the detachable cooler flashlight. This TUNES2GO-KoolMAX-Cooler-System-Station is extremely convenient to bring to any party, picnic or fun occasion thanks to the wheeling facility. It even has its own bottle opener and can be used for karaoke sessions.

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