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  • Loops on either end are included, they are very strong and you won't need additional loops for attaching
  • Can take three kids or two adults at a time
  • Fabric is knitted lightly, stretches, and does not leave criss-cross marks on your skin
  • Allows for ventilation on your back so keeps you very cool
  • Offers upper body support
  • CONS

  • Made of cotton-nylon threads, not weather proof
  • Woven fabric, can snag on zippers, metal studs, cleats or any such things in your clothing or footwear

    The Hammocks-Rada--Handmade-Yucatan-Hammock is a neat buy and its spaciousness will allow your retiring friends to spend many blissful hours either napping in the sun or reading to their grandkids cuddled up in the hammock. There is the possibility that the you snag and break a few threads. If that happens, you simply need to hold the ends together and tie them up and your hammock is usable again. You won't need to worry about it unraveling altogether. Take care, though, to hang it up high enough.

    Think retirement and you imagine long, leisurely naps in your backyard or garden under the shade of the trees. With the Hammocks-Rada–Handmade-Yucatan-Hammock retirement gift, you can present your outgoing friend with the most relaxed and comfortable of naps. Curl up inside its body enveloping boat-like shape while its bright colors add a vibrant touch. Very durable and crafted entirely by hand by Mayan craftsmen, these hammocks can take weight up to 550 pounds. 13 feet in length, the hammock can fit stands or trees from 12.5 to 13 feet. You could set it up indoors or outdoors and even use it for sleeping in at night. And since it weighs just 2.7 pounds, you can easily carry it to any location like for example, when you go for a picnic or camping. You can lie in either horizontally or in a lengthwise position. Feel the utter weightlessness as you swing off the ground in total comfort.

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