Going Out with a Bang: Retirement Party Games to Bring Some Cheer

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The goal of a retirement party is to combine humor and fun. There are different retirement party games that will be discussed later, and all of them are designed in order to bring life to your party. The main objective of parties, in general, is to make sure that everybody will have a good time.

A retirement party, however, is a special case because it is an event that is pulled out in order to celebrate the retiring of an individual who has served several years in the workforce.

Depending on the retiree’s sense of humor, it may actually be acceptable to inject fun at your honored guest. Do not forget to make it exciting and if all possible, accentuate the positive attitude and qualities of the retiree. The most important thing is that you use your vivid imagination and be creative. After all, you can easily modify any recommended retirement party games in order to suit your own needs.

Game Options

The following are some of the retirement party games that you can play during the event:

Retiree Trivia

With this game, you can create teams or groups. You may either have men play against women, or just divide the group into two. Turning this game into a contest can add more fun.

Afterwards, you can collect facts and details about the retiree, such as the year in which they joined the company, the total number of bosses they had and other funny incidents at work, hobbies, places where they lived, school attended back in college, favorite foods, famous friends and more.

The teams will then be given the choice to say the first answer. Then, the other team follows and so on. It will then be the retiree to give the right answer. The fun part here is not just winning the game, but the humorous stories and inside jokes that will be discovered along the way.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Spinoff

One of the retirement party games that you can easily play with and change according to your preferences is a spinoff to the popular TV show game Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? For this, you can have a pre-arranged and co-conspirator who will be chosen through a number of questions, with that person only knowing what the answers are.

The questions and answers will only be used in creating the entertainment. Make sure that you also have in attendance former colleagues at work. Aside from the fact that the retiree will actually love seeing them again, they can even give information before the party starts, adding more to the fun.

How Well Do You Know…?

This is a very familiar and really fun game. How well do you know the retiree? In this game, several real statements will be mixed together with fictitious ones. The audience will then be asked to check which one is the real statement.

After all the games, you can still have some time to be serious and allow those in attendance to offer some short, few and sincere messages coming from the person whose life the retiree has somewhat changed or influenced.

It is okay if the messages can bring some tears to the guest of honor – a retirement party is expected to have a sad element to it. However, it can also serve as a joyous occasion. After all, it is just the start of an entirely new adventure, a new chapter in the retiree’s life. This is also a great time to do whatever it is that the retiree wants to do.

Other Things to Consider

It is very important to make sure that you choose the right person to serve as an emcee. Such a person should be natural when it comes to entertaining other people, making them excited and laughing. This is a skill that only a few people actually have. Therefore, make sure that you find the best one who can do it.

If it is possible, it would be great if there is a videographer who can document the entire event. Capturing funny and interesting moments will certainly make the retirement party not just interesting, but also a very memorable one.

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