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/5 on May 12, 2016

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  • Allows you to recline, but you need to prop it against some object for it to stay in place
  • Can be easily assembled
  • Sized comfortably for larger users also
  • CONS

  • No lower back support
  • A tad oversized, can be arranged comfortably only on the bed
  • Massage and heating mode work together, you cannot choose one

    The Carepeutic-Lounger-Heated-Comfort-Massager is easy to carry around and you can set it up at any place that is convenient for you. Many users have talked about it does not offer the support you need, but if you could incline it at the right angle, it could make a comfortable nook for relaxing, reading and perhaps, watching TV.

    The Carepeutic-Lounger-Heated-Comfort-Massager is a smart lounger-cum-massager that you can set up wherever it is convenient to you. A cool retirement gift, it is portable so you can set it up on your bed or on your favorite couch in the living room. It comprises of a backrest and two armrests that are detachable and can be packed and stored separately. Enjoy the benefits of a back massage with the two intensity vibration settings. In addition, the device acts as a warm padding delivering heat to aching muscles with complete efficiency. It comes with an adjustable reading light and a built-in cup holder where you can place a hot or cold beverage. It even has a side pocket where you can slip in a tablet, phone, or any other reading material.

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