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  • The cord is retractable and can be stored in a compartment below the processor.
  • Wide chute allows you to process larger pieces of produce without chopping it up too finely
  • Aesthetically appealing, makes a great kitchen accessory
  • The 1200-watt induction motor has a 25-year warranty
  • CONS

  • Not dishwasher safe, handwash only
  • Take care not to use abrasive detergents or scourers
  • Food tends to spill over from the smaller bowl into the larger bowl when the processor is working

    The Breville-BFP800XL-Sous-Chef-Processor can prove to a very handy gadget when you have to prepare large amounts of food like for a party or for the Holidays. In addition, it is very convenient when you need to make soups and salads when you're on a special diet or when you're recovering from an illness. Parents with babies and young kids will find it quick and easy to cook baby food when they're short of time. It is recommended though that you clean it thoroughly or mold can begin to form in the tiny crevices.


    The Breville-BFP800XL-Sous-Chef-Processor is just what you need to make your cooking chores very easy. It also makes for a great retirement gift that any recipient is sure to appreciate. The long chute eliminates the need to cut vegetables and any other produce into smaller pieces before adding it to the processor. In addition, the 5 multi-function discs and 3 blades can be used to cut up produce to the just the right, uniform size you’re looking for. Chop up potatoes for French fries or shred vegetables for salads. You can also use the appropriate blades for kneading dough or whisking eggs and batter for cakes and other desserts. If you need to monitor the auto timer, you only need to check the LDC display panel. You will receive two bowls with the processor, one large that can carry up to 16 cups of chopped produce and one smaller bowl with a capacity of 2.5 cups. By using the right discs, you can slice produce from 0.3mm to 8.0mm, making it the ultimate answer to all your cooking prep needs.

    The Breville-BFP800XL-Sous-Chef-Processor has an additional number of features that are very useful. For instance, a small food pusher that moves cut produce, and the large food pusher for inserting bigger pieces into the chute. The larger pusher also serves as a safety device because without it in place, the processor will not start. The feet are made of rubber anchoring it firmly in place on your counter and the silicone seal ensures that there is no leakage when you process liquids.

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