Comedy Gold with the Prescription Coffee Mug

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/5 on February 11, 2016

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  • High quality ceramic material used
  • Interesting theme
  • Perfect for coffee lovers
  • Extra creative


  • Fragile


A high quality mug with a theme that's sure to bring a smile to the face!

Nobody can say no to a good cup of coffee in the morning. If you are thinking of a great retirement gift, this Big Mouth Inc The Prescription Coffee Mug is a good option for you. For one, it has a physical value. Aside from being functional, it is also a type of gift that your recipient can see every time he or she uses it.

However, what makes this coffee mug extra interesting is that it is shaped as a prescription mug, allowing your recipient to enjoy it while using it. This themed cup is perfect as it comes with witty features.


  • Prescription bottle theme
  • Coffee-themed info
  • Ceramic material
  • 12 ounces
  • Hand wash highly recommended
  • Comes with attractive box


  • High quality ceramic material used
  • Interesting theme
  • Perfect for coffee lovers
  • Extra creative



The Prescription Coffee Mug is the creative output of Big Mouth Inc. This team is the force behind a series of novelty, high-quality and uniquely creative novelty items. The specialty of this team is the creation of assorted humorous pieces that target different ages. If you are planning to give it as a retirement gift, this will certainly be a good option, especially if the person you are giving it to loves coffee. This particular mug comes with a coffee prescription, wittingly created for the enjoyment of the user. The only problem with this is that it is fragile. Some customers received the product broken because of the delivery, but they were able to have it replaced. Aside from being fragile, everything about this mug is just great.

However, if you are looking for other options before you make the best decision, it is highly recommended that you look at other options that are available. One potential option is the WalterDrake Personalized Soup Mug, which is especially designed as a mug for soup. It can hold 22 ounces. What makes it special is that it can be personalized with the name of the recipient.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a personalized mug for coffee lovers, the WalterDrake Personalized Coffee Mug is your great option. It can hold 14 ounces of liquid, and is great for any type of hot beverage. You can also specify a particular name composed of up to 12 characters, including spaces. This mug can be hand washed.

Another selection is the Miles Kimball Personalized Tea Bag Mug. This is designed for tea lovers. You can also specify and customize 1 name which has a maximum of 12 letters, including spaces. It is made of a shiny ceramic material with a 12 ounce capacity. It features onboard storage which is perfect for placing your dripping, soggy tea bag. It is certainly a thoughtful gift, especially if your recipient is a tea lover.

What makes a coffee mug extra special? Aside from the fact that it is functional and one that you can use for productive purposes, it should also be customized and personalized, aside from being creative and funny. It should also be interesting at the same time so that it can give joy to the one who receives it. For this reason, the Big Mouth Inc The Prescription Coffee Mug is a great gift, especially if you are giving this gift to an individual who is planning to retire.


Giving somebody a retirement gift can be a daunting job, especially because you may not have any idea as to the preferences and taste of the person who will be receiving the gift. However, by choosing the Big Mouth Inc The Prescription Coffee Mug, you only have to guess whether or not the person loves coffee. If not, the mug can still be used for any type of beverage.

What makes this gift extra special is that it is complete with a theme that will surely bring a smile to anybody who will receive it as a gift. Most importantly, it is made of a high-quality ceramic material, which is sturdy enough and durable. Still, you have to take care of this mug because it can also be fragile, just like any other mugs.

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