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/5 on May 8, 2016

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  • Assists golf trainers in teaching students
  • Capable of analyzing your game into 5 areas and giving you handicaps according to your playing technique
  • Possible to gauge distances with the gadget
  • Helps you reduce the number of strokes from your game
  • CONS

  • Product might have bugs and may not sense shots all the time
  • It is not exactly easy to fit the putter sensor on the grip
  • Inaccurate data storage
  • Batteries run out quickly

    The Arccos Golf GPS 14 Sensor Tracking System makes a great accessory for avid and novice golfers. Users have talked about how it has helped in improving their game by directing them how to correct their handicaps. The sensors and the fact that the sensors record detailed data is very advantageous.


    Help your outgoing friend or colleague take his game to a whole new level with the Arccos Golf GPS 14 Sensor Tracking System for iOS and Android Smartphones. Each of these retirement gift ideas comes with its own Anker 2nd Gen Astro Mini 3200mAh Lipstick-Sized Portable External Battery Charger. This device has a Tour Analytics platform that evaluates your golfing stats and directs your attention to your positives and the areas that need improvement. Its ultra lightweight sensors have zero swing impact and the gadget is compatible with any phone you use. Check your stats on the course and make the best decisions that can turn your game around. Very easy and convenient to use, you only need to attach its 14 sensors with the grip handle of your golfing iron and connect it with your phone. Should you need recharging, use the charger that comes with it. The Arccos Golf GPS 14 Sensor Tracking System is the ultimate answer to you golfing needs and once you have one of these smart gadgets, you won’t need any other.

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