QQink Cake Printer Bundle – Canon MG542

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/5 on May 6, 2016

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Very convenient to use, the product allows you to create awesome desserts and birthday cakes.


The company does not entertain any requests for exchange or refunds.


Delight your loved ones with this exciting retirement gift. You can help them dispense with the need for icing and at the same time, create superb toppings for birthdays, anniversaries, retirement parties and any other special occasions. Make them truly memorable by printing pictures that touch a fond memory of a loved one or joyous event.


Print pictures with your retirement gift that are so good you could eat them. That’s what you can do with the QQink Cake Printer Bundle, Canon MG542. The package includes a bunch of edible printing paper with edible ink cartridges that are filled with a formulated food coloring mixture. You can be rest assured that the ink is safe since it is made with ingredients approved by the FDA. Surprise your kids and well, elders too with superb cakes and desserts adorned with cherished pictures and memories. You can also print pictures on frosting sheets, wafer paper, and icing sheets. The package includes a starter set of 12 Lucks 41100 Print-Ons Edible Sheet set. Loading the ink cartridges is very easy and convenient. You only need to get the cartridge out of its pack, slip it into the printer after first removing the silicone cap. And, your printer is all set to begin creating exciting toppings for the desserts you want to make.

Completely affordable, this exciting retirement gift will blow you away with its sharp picture quality and awesome color graphics.

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