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/5 on May 7, 2016

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520 reviews


  • Cancels exterior sound better than other similar products
  • Touch sensor is easy to use and very effective
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Maintains the charge for a long while
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Compact enough to slip into your pocket
  • CONS

  • Not sweat resistant
  • Maybe a bit heavy to wear on the head
  • Users talk about a little annoying static
  • Bluetooth connection is not very efficient

    Despite, the downsides, the Parrot-Wireless-Cancelling-Headphones-Control is a super gift for music lovers. It is capable of drowning out consistent sounds like the drone of aircraft engines and other white noise. It is recommended that you carefully read up the instructions about charging the device. And, like all delicate gadgets similar to this one, you might want to handle it with care. If you can exercise a little caution, it should last you much longer than the one-year warranty the manufacturers provide.


    Available in a trendy black color, this retirement gift, is exactly what music enthusiasts will love. Choose the Parrot-Wireless-Cancelling-Headphones-Control and you’ll be giving your outgoing friend or colleague many hours of blissful music enjoyment. Perhaps, its best feature is the noise canceling. That means that any sounds of disturbance that can interfere with the music will be completely blocked out. These headphones come with a tactile touch panel and two working microphones, two on the exterior and the other two on the interior. Once you’re connected to Bluetooth, you can use the touch-sensitive pad on the right ear cup to lower or raise the sound levels according to your preference. Need to turn off the music, simply take off the headphones and they will detect the movement.

    The Parrot-Wireless-Cancelling-Headphones-Control includes a special feature called the Parrot Concert Hall. This feature gives you the impression that you’re seated in a concert hall and the players are performing in front of you rather than on the sides. Download its app into your smartphone and you can use it to set the controls on your headphones. If you get a phone call while listening to music, the sound will be automatically turned off while you take it. These headphones are also compatible with Bluetooth.

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