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/5 on May 7, 2016

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  • Gadget includes a storage compartment for placing oil and popcorn
  • The bottom tray can be removed for cleaning out kernels that haven't popped
  • Durable and long-lasting, made of a combination of plastic and metal
  • Good customer service
  • You can separate the gadget from its cart and use it as a tabletop popcorn maker also
  • CONS

  • You might end up using a little extra butter and oil with this gadget
  • Instructions on the amount of popcorn and oil to use may be a bit inaccurate. You might have to use the trial and error method to get the proportion right.
  • Users have talked about the amount of kernels that remain unpopped leading to about 10% wastage.

    You can expect to devote a bit of time to assembling the Maxi-Matic-EPM-200-8-Ounce-Popcorn-Machine, but once it's all set up, you can enjoy making all the popcorn you want. In case you find some parts missing, you can use the contact information on an insert inside the package, and ask the company to deliver them. It's simple enough to use and even older kids can try, but it's preferable that you supervise them. Makes a great kiddie party accessory too.


    Bring home the movie theater experience with the Maxi-Matic-EPM-200-8-Ounce-Popcorn-Machine, a smart retirement gift. Have you always wanted to watch all your favorite movies in the comfort of your own home? Bring home the popcorn maker, grab a soda, and enjoy them all together back to back. This neat device comes on its own trolley, so you can wheel it wherever you want it and set it up as the perfect accessory. With electroplated handles, the device is easy to clean and maintain. You can remove the stainless steel kettle and clean it when needed. Did we mention? The popping kettle can take 8 to 10 ounces worth of corn at a time to give you 3 and a half gallons of warm popcorn at once. The light will help keep it warm as you serve and the plexiglass allows you to watch. The set includes a cup for measuring out corn kernels and oil, spoon, scoop for pouring popcorn and salt shaker.

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